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Professional Accolades

I hired Leanna to teach a leadership seminar to a group of professionals. If you are looking for a speaker to energizes the group and provided excellent information to create more self awareness, Leanna is a great choice. She exceeded my expectations.

Unquestionable integrity, strong commitment, experienced professional and compassionate care provider are just a few of the superlatives that describe Leanna.  She has the knowledge, experience and values to make her services important and timely for her clients but especially a caring and insightful recognition of how to provide what they need.  She has a timely message for those who are ready to hear her and both effective and efficient delivery of her services.  Enjoy her service and experience.  You’ll be glad you did.


George Hendley - The Speakers Academy

“I take great joy in recommending Leanna Rae! She has great favor upon her life, as is immediately evidenced by all who meet her. I have never spoken with a more pleasant and engaging person who just by her facial expressions, warmth, voice control, and sensitivity automatically disarms the negatives within those she addresses. Her coaching methods have been deeply thought out and studied, thus, leading her clients in becoming true overcomers. Her graduate and post-graduate credentials are excellent. Leanna leaves in her wake bastions of changed lives for the better. I’d be honored to have her on my team anytime!”


Bo Baker - Breaking the Red Zone

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